Our Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members:

Robert Kramer, MD

Mukesh Saraiya M.D.

Kathryn Levy, MD, Board Certified Pediatric

Danielle Gamboa Parsley, MD, Board Certified Family Practice

Daniel Shalev, MD, Board Certified Pain Management

Michael Gorton, MS, JD

Beth Struckell, MBA

Advisory Board Member Quotes:

"Imadulation’s “Food for Thought” is an excellent audio program that supports a healthy lifestyle on all levels, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I highly recommend it to all my patients."

-Danielle Gamboa, Parsley, M.D.
Board Certified Family Practice

"This program is really super. The patients and my staff really enjoy using it. Having SSFH has saved my clinics at least $600/ month and that is before getting reimbursement for the kit as a discharge program."

-Scott Caldwell, Director
Active Rehab, Plano Texas

"This program is excellent not only in content but in the quality of production. Food For Thought exceeds the NIH recommendation for weight management and surpasses it by including a vital aspect to total health and wellness, quality of sleep! I have not seen or heard anything of it's kind anywhere.

I endorse this program wholeheartedly and I recommend it to anyone who wants an improved and enhanced quality of life. Ellen Simon covers the topics related to weight management and wellness with a sensitivity and depth that you feel deep inside. She goes to the core of the issues with a voice that conveys compassion, love and understanding. What more can I say?"

-Bob Kramer., M.D.