Stop Smoking


STOP SMOKING HYPNOSIS program includes self hypnosis and classic hypnotherapy for smoking cessation and support for a healthy lifestyle!


I am happy to report that I am still a non-smoker thanks to you. As you know, I have tried many programs, gimmicks, and products, but was never successful. I still have craving from time to time, but they are getting fewer and further apart.

I view these bouts as tests of my strength. I still listen to your CD’s almost every night. They are part of my routine. I‘ve found that almost every aspect of my life has improved. My health, endurance and overall feeling of wellness has escalated because of the confidence your non-smoking program has given to me, I’ve been able to tackle other challenges in my life such as alcohol consumption and diet, to name a few. People even tell me I look better.

I’m so pleased our paths have crossed. You truly have helped me to get more out of life.

I have recommended your therapy to others. Again I want to thank you for your help.

Richard Oates