About Imadulation





The mission of Imadulation® is to provide a path to happiness and relief of suffering.

We live our mission by offering unique quality products developed for the purpose of activating an inner experience that creates feelings of peace & well being.

Our products include pre-recorded guided imagery and hypnosis recordings available as MP3 downloads, CD's, and on the Playaway®!

We offer our customers a selection of potent and pure essential oil blends that work synergistically with the guided meditations to enhance your life.

Years of clinical experience have demonstrated that it is often necessary to reduce stress and to ease pain- emotional, physical, or spiritual- in order to experience the natural state of joy & peace.

The Imadulation® collection contains targeted audio recordings and aromatherapy blends to address the common issues we face as humans.   

Your body & mind will love it, and so will the people in your life.

Let me hear your thoughts and your feedback. It has been my life purpose to ease suffering and spread happiness. I would love to make a difference in your life!


- Ellen Chernoff Simon

President & Founder of Imadulation®. LLC

"You Can Change Your Life When you Change Your Life®"