Recover from Surgery


Listen to this guided imagery CD prior to surgery to prepare your body and mind for the best possible outcome!

Blue Shield of California finds Guided Imagery Therapy is a ‘Win-Win’ for Patients and Insurer's - Simple Pre-Surgical Technique Eases Patient Anxiety, Saves Money in Recovery

Study Claims Hypnosis Can Help Patients Facing Medical Procedures

Pre-surgery Anxiety - Hypnosis May Help

This guided imagery audio program is designed to help you experience a comfortable, successful surgery and recovery. Create positive expectancy and have a SUCCESSFUL SURGERY AND RECOVERY! Jump start on the healing process! It offers Compounded suggestions through repetition to help you:


Learn how to focus.


Learn how to relax your muscles.


Learn how to control bleeding with your imagination.


Learn how to start your bowels working again with your mind.


Learn how quickly your body can heal and how beautifully it can mobilize a healthy immune response.

Ellen's program Is designed to help you enter a state of relaxation where your muscles relax, your mind gets quiet, and your body rests deeply and conserves energy for the healing work it will soon be undergoing. When you are relaxed, your muscles are more relaxed, and that makes it easier for the doctor to perform the procedure that you will have. Your blood flows more easily when you are relaxed, and you will find that during surgery your body can shunt blood away from the operative site, making it even easier for the doctor to see the field and operate successfully. Afterwards, your blood will return to the operative site and bring the healing nutrients and special cells that your body sends to begin the healing process.