Transcend Cancer

 Enjoy an enhanced sense of peace and inner control with Guided Imagery. 

"I completed listening for the second time to the 'journey' part of the chemo CD you recorded. For the first time I also listened to all four tracks. It's the best guided imagery recording I've embraced. The audio quality, your voice quality and your guidance truly took me away from increased anxiety than I have ever recalled in the past. After listening, I was in a relaxed place and gained take-away techniques I'd either forgotten or new ones I will gradually try out. I plan to share this CD with my therapist. 

I thank you for providing these helpful cds."

Greg H., Seattle

"We discovered your CD at the library of my husband's oncologist office at 540 West Pueblo in Santa Barbara. We have listened to Shakti Gawain and Belleruth Naperstak and enjoyed their work, but we have never ever heard anything as wonderful as your CD! When My husband played it I had to sit and listen and we both experienced such a deep state of relaxation. ( even our yellow lab seem transfixed and more relaxed!)

Your work is phenomenal you must keep on making CDs! You are doing great work and now we are interested in learning more about how you can help with weight loss and stress management! Thank you for what you are doing to help."

Jill Smith


You have done a wonderful job creating the Cd's. During my cancer treatment, people would unintentionally tell me negative things about their experience with cancer which would depress me. But your CD put me on the right track again and my positive attitude returned. I have fully recovered and plan to remain that way through positive thinking (with the help of your CD's) and healthy living. So, once again, thank you so much for offering such a wonderful, helpful product to assist people through their most difficult times in life.


Alex K. ,United Kingdom