AT EASE, Chapter by Chapter

Chapter 1: Intro to Stress (run time 7:22)

• Intro to Stress explains, in detail, the science behind stress/distress and how fear, danger and anger activate the fight/flight/freeze response.

• Chronic, habitual activation of the stress response cycle damages the physiological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life but there are techniques that any individual can use to mitigate this.


Chapter 2: Yogic Breathing (run time 3:07)

• Yogic Breathing provides the listener with simple step-by-step breathing techniques that quiet the mind, body and spirit.

• It is a fact that our minds can cause disorder in our body –by controlling your breath, you can control the jumpiness of your mind.


Chapter 3: Self Hypnosis (run time 3:52)

• Self Hypnosis is a powerful and medically approved technique that incorporates 7 step-by-step actions that involve breathing exercises and physical prompts to initiate the relaxation response.


Chapter 4: Quieting Response (run time 3:45)

• The Quieting Response is a six-second technique that causes a quieting reflex in your body, mind and spirit.

• The Quieting Response is perfect for A-Type personalities who are not attracted to sitting meditation. When practiced many times a day, it will develop into a stress reducing habit.


Chapter 5: Imagery Dialogue (run time 3:31)

• Imagery Dialogue invites the listener to imagine a negative situation, symptom or malady with the intention of understanding it more fully and creating a relationship of acceptance with it.


Chapter 6: Mindfulness Meditation (run time 2:22)

• Mindfulness meditation teaches you to be fully present and alive with a united body, mind and spirit in the present moment.

• Practicing mindfulness benefits concentration, which enhances your life and brings more joy and stability.


Chapter 7: Accubreathe® (run time 2:58)

• Is a technique created by Ellen Simon that includes a unique combination of energy meridian therapy literal "tapping" on acupressure points along with diaphragmatic breathing to dissipate and clear stress in the emotions and body.


Chapters 8 & 9

"Ease Pain" was designed to assist you in gaining pain relief. This recording combines the research on neuroplasticity with hypnotic suggestions intended to change the brain and ease the pain. The neurons that fire together, wire together - so even pain can become a habit in your brain. Using thoughts, images, emotions, sensations and aromas, the pain pathways that were consisitently activated can be interrupted thus reducing the firing and the discomfort. Empowering suggestions are offered in this deeply relaxing guided meditation.


Chapter 8: Induction (run time 19:38)

• Ease Pain Induction- guides the listener to feel relaxed. By relaxing the muscles, the listener will experience less tension and pain while cultivating a quiet, still mind.

• A June 30, 2014 study published in the journal of the American Medical Association reveals that 44% of our soldiers experience chronic pain following deployment, which often results in regular use of opioids. Chronic pain can cause depression, insomnia and anxiety.


Chapter 9: Journey (run time 15:01)

• Ease Pain Journey contains specific guided suggestions for the deeper subconscious mind.

• Ease Pain Journey will help the listener achieve a deep, relaxed state conducive to increasing neuroplasticity.

• Ease Pain Journey will help the listener to:

- Imagine and/or create an ideal/alternative outcome.

- Reduce the firing of nerves.

- Calm the Sympathetic Nervous System.

- Activate the healing aspect of the Parasympathetic Nervous System.


Chapters 10 & 11 "Mind Mint" was designed to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and manage pain. It contains cognitive therapy techniques that have been shown to improve stress resiliency and help the listener to focus on his/her thoughts and beliefs, and how they influence their mood and actions. Mind Mint can help the listener change negative or harmful thoughts into positive and healthy thoughts thereby reducing unhealthy behavior patterns.

People are often unaware of how they hold on to old, unwanted patterns of thinking and reacting, based on negative conscious or subconscious beliefs left over from past conditioning. It is not the events themselves, but your interpretation and perception of those events that are responsible for the quality of your experience of life. Your body reflects beliefs held by you whether those beliefs exist in your conscious or subconscious mind. "Mind Mint" will help you eliminate any limiting, negative beliefs that interfere with your natural ability to experience the joy and freshness of life and the realization of your goals.


Chapter 10: Induction (run time 19:47)

• Mind Mint Induction prepares you mentally, physically and spiritually for a healing journey deep within your mind.


Chapter 11: Journey (run time 15:01)

• Mind Mint Journey will provide a pleasurable, relaxing experience that helps your body reach a natural rhythm leading you to a peaceful inner place.

• Mind Mint Journey will help you mentally, physically and spiritually to relax and relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and manage pain.


Chapter 12 "Sleep Well" was designed to help you achieve a comfortable, consistent, deep, sound sleep. The listener is lulled to sleep with a combination of a voice softly singing Brahm's lullaby with a background of original harp and sounds from nature. It is designed to guide you to a level of deep sleep and to awaken you with a renewed sense of wellness. The spoken imagery includes muscle relaxation and suggestions to quiet the mind. It is intended to be a great sleep aide for anyone who may be experiencing insomnia or sleep disorders due to stress, pain, trauma, or general distress. Additional sleep enhancing exercises are included that induce relaxation and effortless sleep.


Chapter 12: Sleep Well (run time 32:02)

• Sleep Well is a highly effective guided meditation that will induce deep and restorative sleep.

• Sleep Well has been successfully used and endorsed by deployed military personnel in Afghanistan & Iraq.