Become A Distributor

We are delighted to have a network of professionals around the country that purchase Imadulation products, at wholesale pricing, and resell or distribute those products to those who will benefit the most. It allows us to provide a path to happiness and the relief of suffering for many more people than we can help directly.

If you are currently approved to be an Imadulation distribution partner, you can enjoy a 40% discount off of our standard retail pricing when you purchase a minimum of 10 units in a single transaction. This includes all of our guided imagery meditations and aromatherapy products, too.

(Please note that our Playaway™ products are not eligible for distributor or wholesale pricing.)

If you are not currently an Imadulation distribution partner, but would like to become one, please contact us via email or by calling 972-880-0102 during normal business hours. We will be happy to answer questions about Imadulation and get you setup as a wholesale customer (it only takes minutes).