Testimonials And Reviews



I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the status of my progress over the past few weeks. As you may remember, one of the issues that we discussed was my desire to reduce the amount of diet Coke that I consumed on a daily basis. I would like to express or "come clean" about the real amount of diet Coke that I consumed on an average day -- it would be very accurate to say I drank approximately 4-5 gallons per day. Diet Coke was the first thing I reached for in the morning and the last thing I did before going to sleep. You NEVER saw me without a diet Coke. This addiction has been going on for 20 plus years.

With this said... I am happy to report (within a 10-day period of taking sessions with you) I am down to approximately 12 oz. of diet Coke per day! I would also like to mention that I am not mad or anxious about the void of this in my daily routine. I mention this because historically I have experienced these mentioned emotions when I have tried to cut back my consumption of diet Coke in the past. This progress is truly effortless! Also you will be happy to hear that I have lost 7 lbs. in this same window of time. I do realize this will slow down, however, this too has been without a struggle. I would also like to mention I am sleeping like a "rock" and my getting through the day with a much more clear thought process. I'm keeping a journal of my daily progress and thoughts. I'll keep you posted.


Charm Hubbs-Faulkner*



Ellen, I completed listening for the second time to the 'journey' part of the chemo CD you recorded. For the first time I also listened to all four tracks. It's the best guided imagery recording I've embraced. The audio quality, your voice quality and your guidance truly took me away from increased anxiety than I have ever recalled in the past. After listening, I was in a relaxed place and gained take-away techniques I'd either forgotten or new ones I will gradually try out. I plan to share this CD with my therapist. I have AIDS rather than cancer. But as Pat Lively, MSW at Seattle's Virginia Mason Hospital's oncology/hematology said when she offered me the CD, it had plenty of appropriateness for the HIV/AIDS patients.

Pat indicated a drug rep. gave her a quantity to share with patients primarily in their cancer treatment. I thank you for providing these helpful CDs.

Greg H. Seatlle*


Fighting my weight has been a life long endeavor. I've tried everything from Richard Simmons to Jenny Craig, Medifast to Atkins, Denise Austin to Billy Banks, all with short term success and small weight loss success. In all of these attempts, they gave me all the information I needed to eat healthy and exercise, but they all missed the most important tool you need for success in weight loss*


M O T I V A T I O N !!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was younger there was always the short burst of motivation, such as bathing suit weather, class reunion, special occasions, and weight loss was much easier. Now as I am getting older, the motivation is harder to get excited about and the weight is much harder to get off and keep off.

Prior to listening to the Imadulation CD'S, I was in a major slump period in my life. Stressful Job, bad relationship, problems with an aging parent. I was lethargic, not focused on myself, feeling depressed, not being able to pull myself out of it, bad eating habits, no exercise, no MOTIVATION! Fortunately for me, I had a good Friend who had gone to Dr. Saraiya for sleep apnea, he put her on a bi-pap at night and it changed her life.He also wanted her to try a new program he was involved in to help her quit smoking. My friend informed me that this new program was also for weight loss.

I made my appointment in July 2006 Four months later, I have lost 33 pounds, I jog everyday, I have started swimming a couple of times a week, and I am constantly aware of the fact that I need to be moving to feel better and to continue to lose weight. I have no desire for sweets, in the past that was a big problem for me. I eat less, I am never ravenous, I am making healthy food choices, I feel better than I have in years, and the most amazing thing is, I seem to be able to do these things without any real effort.

The continual motivation of the CD's is not only convenient, but reduces any stress that I might encounter through out the day. I look forward to listening to the CD's which always provides me with a positive outlook and reinforces my healthy food choices and exercise.

In my opinion, Ellen has found the missing puzzle piece in all the self help programs that are out there, whether it is weight loss, smoking, drugs or alcohol. You have to have the MOTIVATION to keep you focused on succeeding. The Imadulation CD's have giving me back a healthy life, that is a remarkable gift to give to anyone.

Chris Watkins, Denton, Texas*



Dear Ellen:

First, I want to thank you for creating such wonderful CD's. I have been listening to tapes and CD's wish relaxation techniques, meditations, guided imagery and visualization, and subliminal for 28 years now. Your CD's are the best that I have found and again, they are simply wonderful! Not only is the content exactly what I was looking for since they include the laws of attraction, laws of the universe, are spiritual and very affirming of connecting with my highest self and also include how to change your thoughts, beliefs etc. that no longer serve your highest self (I had asked the Universe to provide me with exactly these type of Cd's right before I stumbled upon your website!) But the music along with the nature sounds and your beautiful and soothing voice make them perfect for me. I have given friends of mine your CD's to listen to and have bought some for gifts for them. Everyone that has listened to them feel exactly the same way I do, that the CD's are just wonderful. I have been very ill with a chronic "incurable" illness for 21 years and prior to that suffered from insomnia, which is now chronic. I now know that I will get better, I now have finally really started on my path to my spirituality, which I had disconnected from at a very young age, due to a very abusive childhood. Your CD's have helped me a lot with "quieting" my mind enough to: fall asleep at night, to meditate, connect and hear answers from my highest self and to learn so much about self-love, acceptance, gratitude and appreciation. I send you much appreciation and gratitude for your work in this area.


JoAnn Depp*



I used your Guided Imagery for Chemotherapy CD and it was great. I had no nausea and felt very relaxed while undergoing chemotherapy. Recommended it to others. Thank you so much!

Barbara Butler*



I am the school nurse for Wayne County High School in Monticello, KY. I designed this program called "Project Healthy Heart" to target the non-traditional athlete (who doesn't participate in high school sports or other after school programs). The whole purpose is to fight the childhood obesity epidemic.

We are discussing obesity, type 1/2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension (5/15 girls had have been dx with hypertension since starting the program)...etc. They are doing a super job.

The CD "Go Grab Your Shoes" is a totally awesome part of the program...Thanks again.

Amy Edwards*



Dear Ellen, I purchased your surgery and healing affirmation cds and found them very helpful. Some of the phrasing and words reminded me of my former teachers - Dr. Milton Erickson and Dr. Richard Bandler and his former wife Leslie. At any rate I wanted to congratulate you.

Bob Florian*


More feedback - the client who used the surgery tape said that she has improved faster than any previous cornea transplant (two have been rejected). She saved the second cd and is now listening to the healing affirmations.




“I DID IT!*” I love It THANKS!

The concept and idea is so brilliant!

The image of the keys and the words on the wall is something I can "pull up" in my mind thru the day...

I hope many people appreciate and utilize the tools you are providing, it's remarkable!!!




My therapist is Dr. Derrick Blanton in Dallas Texas. I do biofeedback therapy. He gave me one of your CD's on my second visit. It has been so great for me. It's has helped my anxiety more than you could ever imagine. I accidentally found the Imadulation site; I didn't know it was yours! But when I listened to a clip from the CD, I recognized your voice. I knew that I would be happy with the results because I have had such great success with the other one.

Thank you again for the email, and I can't wait to recieve the wants and needs CD!

Brandy Jo Page*



I just wanted to thank you for the enormous help that our guided imagery work has been to me so far. Even in just a few short weeks, I have seen real progress. I feel more attuned to my body and can sense a channel of communication opening between my subconscious and my conscious awareness. Our sessions and your recorded sessions on CD have provided both deep relaxation and exciting insights into the nature of healing. Acute Leukemia is a daunting disease, but I feel much less helpless with you in my corner! As you know, my intent is to continue this work with you beyond remission. I've been recommending it to everyone I know as well!

Best Regards,




Hey Ellen,

AMAZING!!!!!!!! There's just one word for your CD's!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Do you realize this is the first day I have ever seen my son be eager to go to school and not only be eager to go but have a smile on his face and just a different "aire" about himself, relaxed and comfortable! He listened to "Children be your best" yesterday and then he listened to "Mind Mint." I was going to have him listen to "Sweet Dreams" before bedtime but after the Mind Mint he fell asleep. He was so peaceful! It was then that I realized this was going to work for him. He just doesn't go to sleep without worrying about something. He and I listened to "children be your best" before school this morning, it is awesome!

A lot of mornings he will ask me what day it is between 15 and 20 times. This morning he asked me 3 times! I am so excited!

Also, I broke my back years ago and I wake up with pain; go to bed at night with pain and have pain all day. The doctor said I have Osteo Arthritis settled in that old injury. I don't like taking pain medications because they bother my stomach and to be totally honest, I just don't like to take medications in general. I don't even like to take Tylenol. Last night I listened to "Sleep Well" and that was the first night I didn't toss and turn for a half hour because of my back! I felt as though I was drifting on a cloud, my body was tingling and felt weightless. I don't believe I have ever been that relaxed!

Thank you so much for the renewed hope of once again being healthy physically, mentally and spiritually!

I am going to go listen to some more CD's now that I have all the kids off to school :)

God Bless you and your work!

Dawn W, Boise, Idaho*



I suffered from severe test anxiety. I would often have to leave the room during a test because of overwhelming feelings of dread, nausea, and distress.

After two sessions with Ellen Simon, I was able to pass my state board exam with flying colors!

I was so relaxed and at ease, it was as if I were in my home preparing dinner. I was concerned at first that it wouldn't work for me, because I am a strong personality, but I see that being strong helps me to achieve my goals. I listened to the tape every night before my exam and it worked!

I am now interested in other areas of self-improvement using her method of guided imagery and hypnosis."

Stacia, Texas State Board Licensed Professional Counselor*



First I want to tell you how wonderful the Stress CD is. Your voice is absolutely calming and creates an atmosphere of safety where you can let go and practice the breath and imagery work. The music couldn't be more perfect as could you. You are making more than a worthy contribution to help the world become a better place. Thank you for being a brilliant beacon of light and may you continue to enjoy Gods Abundance. Thanks again for your TLC

“You have wings when you speak. Your voice has the ability to take one on a wonderful journey and therefore is an integral part of the relaxation techniques that you teach.

Deborah Thiessen*



My 10 year old daughter has been ill every 4-6 weeks since she was 3 years old. She would develop a high fever with fever blisters, vomit and become lethargic. She was missing so much school that I was considering home schooling her even though I have a full time job and three other children. She has been to hundred’s of doctors and has received every blood test and diagnostic procedure that exists. Then six months ago I brought her to Ellen Simon. Her method of using interactive guided imagery, hypnosis and neurofeedback has corrected the problem. My daughter has not been ill once since she learned the techniques to connect to her own inner healer from Ellen Simon. I am grateful to her for helping my daughter live a normal life.

Mother of 10 year old, Cara Blanche*



My whole life I have suffered with severe anxiety about going to the dentist. I have had to take oral and IV sedatives just to be able to sit in the chair. This time I just listened to the Imadulation CD, “Mind Mint”, and not only did i have a pleasant time, but when it was over, I was still enjoying my inner journey. I was without discomfort, no pain, no anxiety. What a pleasant surprise. Thanks, Ellen.

David Hoffman*



Whenever my child has a migraine or is upset about school, I put on Ellen’s CD, and she not only relaxes, but the headache goes away. In our home, the Imadulation CD is as necessary in our “medicine cabinet” as aspirin.

Debbie Hersh*


I am happy to report that I am still a non-smoker thanks to you. As you know, I have tried many programs, gimmicks, and products, but was never successful. I still have craving from time to time, but they are getting fewer and further apart.

I view these bouts as tests of my strength. I still listen to your CD’s almost every night. They are part of my routine. I‘ve found that almost every aspect of my life has improved. My health, endurance and overall feeling of wellness has escalated because of the confidence your non-smoking program has given to me, I’ve been able to tackle other challenges in my life such as alcohol consumption and diet, to name a few. People even tell me I look better.

I’m so pleased our paths have crossed. You truly have helped me to get more out of life. I have recommended your therapy to others. Again I want to thank you for your help.

Richard Oates*



It has been about four weeks since we had my session to work on lowering blood pressure and eating smaller food portions. My success has been outstanding. My blood pressure reads 124/80 a lot of the time, and without medication. I have continued on the low fat, near vegetarian diet, and am drinking lots of water. Consequently, I am losing weight and being healthier. I had previously received a stress thallium test come back positive for heart blockage, but as of yesterday with a heart catheterization dye test- all vessels were open and fully functional with no problems.

I love your relaxation suggestions and the use of visualization for stress relief. Ellen you did a great job, and I was on cloud nine for a long time. this has been like a pep talk fro wellness and that was real special.

John R. Loar, DDS*



After sustaining a serious injury in 1996, and undergoing three major surgeries, I have found that at times, dealing with the stress, tension, anger, and depression that comes with trying to cope with the constant pain to be intolerable. I have tried all sorts of counseling to find some way of dealing with the depression and hopelessness of my situation, and it was not until I was introduced to Ellen Simon of Imadulation, and her unique approach that I experienced relief, direction and hope for my future. I recommend Ellen Simon’s audio’s to anyone who needs help dealing with the overwhelming issues related to chronic pain, and especially to those for whom standard treatment has failed or has proved disappointing. All that is needed is a willingness and an open mind, and this method can work for you too.

David Hardwick, Dallas, Texas*



Before receiving Ellen Simon’s treatment, I didn’t notice my headaches until they would just hit me, and it would be so painful it was difficult to concentrate at school or even think. Before I met Ellen Simon, I had to take medicine to get rid of my headaches, now I can get rid of them by just relaxing and breathing.

Kenneth Martin, 18 yr old*


My eight year old son is battling Tourette’s Syndrome. Ellen Simon and her method has been a godsend to him. Ellen Simon has taught him breathing and relaxation techniques and most importantly, to accept himself despite these challenges. By utilizing Ellen’s expertise. My son is having great success reducing the effects tics have on his day to day life. I am so grateful to ellen for providing my son with life skills that will directly impact the quality of his life.

Carol K.*



The Imadulation CD's are a breath of fresh air. After listening Mind Mint when I first awaken my day becomes very focused and I am extremely productive--its kind of like drinking a strong cup of coffee without the side effects of caffeine. A great product!

Michael Carr
President ,Accelerated Performance Resources, LLC*



I used to have trouble going to sleep and I would wake up a lot during the night. Now I listen to “Sleep Well” and I sleep really good all night long, I listen to it every night.

Jesse S., Musician and student, Age 17*



Nothing has been able to help me get to sleep at night. Before listening to Imadulation’s “Sleep well” I admit I was skeptical but I thought, ‘I might as well try, what have I got to lose?, so I tried and I could not help but fall asleep and right away! I am very pleased and I tell everyone about it!

Tammy R, Office Administrator*


I have been a nonsmoker now since the first time I listened to Imadulation’s “STOP SMOKING”. This has helped me gain confidence and to grow personally and professionally. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Donald R., Computer software programmer*



I totally enjoy the CD I had purchased. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of audio, the beauty of the music, the 3-D effects for right and left hearing. Has it helped me? I find that I am becoming more of a positive person. I am more involved in my personal projects and completing them as needed. I feel more happy and more secure in my every day dealings.

Thanks for a great product!

Jeffrey Morgan*



“I have been listening to “Successful Sales”.

I am in direct sales and I used to be a bit resistant to making the calls, and now my presentation just flows out of me without hesitation!

It has changed my entire outlook on sales! Now when someone says “no”, it’s Ok and I move right on.

I notice that on the days I listen to this CD my sales performance improves and it has made a positive difference in my success!

Leslie Chamorro*



I received your package last week. Thank you for including Mind Mint for Gayle, my friend. Ellen, each CD is like a little gem! I can't begin to tell you how much benefit I am receiving! Every day I look forward to listening to one. I finally got to Sleep well...I kept falling asleep about 3 minutes into it. Your voice is so angelic...very sweet.

As a businesswoman, I can appreciate all the time, effort and creativity it must have taken to plan the content of each one and coordinate it so beautifully with the music...everything about them was done meticulously. You must be receiving lots of positive feedback from recipients like myself. I hope you are well rewarded in every way!!*


Dear Ellen,

Last August, When I went to meet the dentist at his office, at 10:00 at night because of the amount of pain I was in, and I told him "I had 3 children naturally, and Childbirth was less painful than this..." I wasn't making a joke! My root canal and infection was excruciating. For several days I was taking pain medicine without any relief, and I never take drugs. The Novocaine that the Dentist gave me that night helped for a short time...

I was walking around with tears rolling down my face, the pain was unbelievable. The next night, before I went to bed, I remembered I had your Imadulation CD's.... I put on "Mind Mint" and went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, my pain was miraculously gone. I have never experienced relief lke that in my life, and it stayed!

Thank you Ellen for doing what you do, please don't stop! Your work will make a difference in the world & Universe. With much gratitude,

Harriet Reisman*



My patients continue to receive excellent benefits from listening to your Cd program for pain and Stress management. It is important for them to learn how to relax in order to manage pain and also, vital for them to have something to take home after discharge to maintain their positive results. Some patients deal with significant psycho-social challenges including return to work stress, and having the guided imagery program provides a tool that is invaluable. It is also important it is for them to have weight management support and exercise motivation as this helps to prevent re-injury following discharge!!

Doctor Lauren Evans, D.C .,Clinical Director North Texas Rehab*



She said the Spanish CD's are wonderful and that it helps this group feel cared for and valued as there is usually less for them due to the language barrier. She is totally supportive of our program and wants to see it get reimbursed !!! I made a strong case for completing the outcome studies and she said they are now doing this for every patient and soon we should have some outcome measurement in hand.I also spoke to Albert Davila, a therapist who works at the NTRC facility on Ross Ave. As we were speaking, he said the patients were all listening to CD#2, "enhancing self esteem" He said there was a spanish group and an english group who were all enjoying the process. He said the patients love the SSFH program and it makes him feel good when they tell him how much they like it ...he get a sense of gratification from being able to help these people, and it boosts morale in the staff who the feel like they are making a difference in patient care.*


I greatly benefited after just 3 weeks of daily listening to the CDs. Over that time, I gained control of my appetite, made healthier food choices, and fell asleep at night without my customary late night snack. This resulted in a weight loss of 8 lbs, along with a reduced waist size, and less stomach bloating. In addition, I improved my self esteem, attained a more positive attitude, and become a more sociable person. I am still far from my weight loss goal, but the CDs put me on track to accomplish this goal. I will continue to listen to the tapes as often as possible, and look forward to a healthier and happier life. Thanks Ellen for your great product.

R.K., Dallas, Texas*



My 11 year old son has always had a difficult time going to sleep at night. He has a very active mind. Since he has been listening to "Sleep well" he falls asleep easily at night, and this helps him feel more rested for school and sports. Listening to your CD, Ellen is now part of his nightly routine. It really works for him. Thanks.

Laura Carr,
Health Care Administration specialist, Mother of two.*



I have been listening to your CD's and they are very relaxing! And what a great surprise... I can tell you that it took only 1 to 2 times for the first one ("Wants and Needs") to turn on a switch – I have completely changed my eating and exercise habits – in the first week I lost around 3 pounds (hopefully to never find them again).

Imadulation's "Food for Thought" CDs have so far been a huge help.

Barry Tenenholtz*



Ellen's combination of imagery, hypnosis, and music is the most powerful thing I've listened to in the entire "guided imagery" audiotape business. Her voice is gentle, yet firm, and her guidance is loving and strong. I find myself hearing her voice throughout the day. I cannot recommend her audiotapes highly enough.

Jann Fredrickson, M.S.W., M.A., L.I.C.S.W.*



Dear Ellen,

Your CD's are doing a great service. I work at the "Hospital for cancer patients and blood disorders" in El Paso, Texas, and am in charge of the Wellness Center for this institution. I give services to Cancer patients such as Guided Meditation, Qi Kung, basic breathing techniques, healing sounds, and Reiki while they are having chemotherapy. During the treatment patients feel more relaxed when listening to your CD " Chemo comfort". I will continue using your CD's and will monitor patients if health improvements appear. I am also teaching meditation at the University Of Texas at El Paso and your CD's had been most helpful there as well. I have been using "Stress Less" and "Self Love" to teach meditation. I congratulate you for the amazing material you offer to the public. Thank you.

Rene A. Ramirez*


I received the CD's today! You are truly gifted! I am amazed at these CD's and you have an amazing insight into "truth" of life, that is so rare anymore. I will have some feedbacks to send you on these, trust me. I have to admit I have never heard a CD that made my spine tingle within the first few minutes, I literally had a nice little whole body shock several times, you know that feeling you get when fear sets in and your whole body fills with energy (of course not bad energy here, more like incredible aha moment both physically and emotionally. I can feel incredible energy in your recordings, and optimism I haven't felt in years (i'm empathic), you truly amaze me with your work, and I plan to push your products with the highest consideration, In my humbled opinion I think my CD's pale in comparison to yours, my sound is unique and different from yours, but your simplicity and power show through.

You amaze me, you inspire me, you bring my highest high's to surface in a non threatening and "teddy Bear" sort of way, and I thank god I met you for I believe your work will inspire me like no other company's CD's could, I have tried many of my competitors CD's and never found a sound that amazed me like these do, in fact one of my motivations even today is to fill in the other companies "Gaps" a wholistic approach to music and to uncover the true power of sound, until now I haven't heard anything so powerful and uplifting and heh addictive as your work!

I simply can't say enough without rambling and repeating myself all over the place so I will stop there and let you read this, thank you so much for entering my path., thanx again, keep in touch.




This program is excellent not only in content but in the quality of production. Food For Thought exceeds the NIH recommendation for weight management and surpasses it by including a vital aspect to total health and wellness, quality of sleep! I have not seen or heard anything of it's kind anywhere.

I endorse this program wholeheartedly and I recommend it to anyone who wants an improved and enhanced quality of life. Ellen Chernoff Simon covers the topics related to weight management and wellness with a sensitivity and depth that you feel deep inside. She goes to the core of the issues with a voice that conveys compassion, love and understanding. What more can I say?*

Bob Kramer., M.D.



Imadulation's 'Food For Thought' is an integrative audio program that supports a healthy lifestyle on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It is not only professional in its content, but the production quality is excellent. I recommend it for my patients.

G. Danielle Gamboa Parsely, M.D. Board Certified Family Practice*


Barry Mirtsching, M.D., medical oncologist and hematologist, president and clinical investigator for the Center for Oncological Treatment and Research at Medical City Dallas hospital states that his patients have uniformly reported that Imadulation's "Guided Imagery for Chemotherapy" audio CD has helped them develop a sense of relaxation and comfort in their very first attempt at listening. He further reports that this CD has helped ease the initiation of therapy due to the calming effect it has on his patients.*



I have had back pain from a work-related injury that happened two years ago. Not one day goes by that I don't have pain. Since receiving Ellen Simon's Pain & Stress Management Through Guided Imagery, I can put on one of her CD's for 30 minutes and I find myself more relaxed and better able to focus on my life and not my pain. Her voice is soothing and healing...and her delivery is second to none. I thank God everyday for her help through guided imagery.

Nancy Upchurch/Business Owner*



I really love the “LOSE WEIGHT” CD. It is wonderful and I like how you target the areas where we feel hyper vigilant and highly anxious around eating and food.….then you quell our anxieties, you soften and soothe those vulnerable areas in our life so that the result is that the volume is turned down on the loud and sometimes overwhelming feelings within.

Listening to your voice on the CD creates a healing space where we can feel our feelings and not have to act on them. The CD helps to create a safe inner space whereby those frenzied feelings and driven compulsion to act on cravings, are eliminated.

Thanks so much, just keep on doing what you are doing because you have a healing gift that has helped me in my personal growth and recovery and I know you will help many more people.

MLB, Washington DC Director, Environmental Research*



Ellen's combination of imagery, hypnosis, and music is the most powerful thing I've listened to in the entire "guided imagery" audiotape business. Her voice is gentle, yet firm, and her guidance is loving and strong. I find myself hearing her voice throughout the day. I cannot recommend her audiotapes highly enough

Jann Fredrickson, M.S.W., M.A., L.I.C.S.W.*



Hi Ellen,

My name is Kerrie Wolfson and my son Avi ordered several Imadulation cds for me as a Hanukah gift. He, along with his two sisters, knew that I had enjoyed the "Food for Thought" program and that I wanted more of your meditation works. Being the wonderful kids that they are - they pooled their gift money for this special present.

Not only am I enjoying (no, I love them actually!) the new cds, but I wanted to take this moment to tell you how gracious you are to have written me the note with good wishes and signed each cd. Not just that - but that wrapping paper it all came in smelled fabulous. You are a most talented and thoughtful individual and I thoroughly enjoy the many Imadulation cds that I own. They are really my very favorite series among my entire meditation library.

I found the first one that I ever bought at Half-Price Books of all places--- "Go Grab Your Shoes"--- and I've since gotten the entire Food for Thought series. After I visited your site I was intrigued by the other titles that Avi ordered and got the extra "Mind Mint" as a gift for my favorite sister. Needless to say - I'm a big fan!

Please enjoy this holiday season and have a wonderful and warm New Year. Best regards,

Kerrie Wolfson*



Hi Ellen,

Last night and this morning, I listened to the CD "Self Love".

I started meditating regularly about six years ago. I frequently use CDs as I meditate. In fact, I have purchased and sold meditation music from probably every major source available in the USA. I have listened to hundreds of CDs and cassettes.

I can honestly say, the guided CDs you create are some of the best I have had the pleasure to use. Self Love is no exception. The music and other effects had an immediately soothing effect on my total being. The content of the CD guided me to do the work that only I can do for myself. The CD is unique in its ability to apply to anyone who hears it because the guided section is individualized for the listener. I find your voice relaxing and easy to understand. The imagery is sequenced in a logical order.

Good job on creating another effective healing tool.

Zachary Rapport
Faculty University of Phoenix*



I hope you are doing well and have become lighter and more free.

I don't think I asked you, but do I have permission to quote you on my web site or other material to inspire other people to let go and find peace from a relationship breakup?

Thanks (in advance) and I wish you the best always.

You found exactly the right words. Even if my relationship ended already 6 month ago, I was now able to let go all that held me back to start a new life.

I can now say goodbye to my partner and wish her the very best. I understood that our journey together is now completed and that everyone has to go his own way.

Thanks again and all the best for you,

Phil (Belgium)*



Your work is so important you know. I used to want to drink every time a really stressful day occurred. But instead of drinking now, I listen to your Cd instead and it is so calming. Your voice is like a lifeline in my world when I'm upset.

Lisa Turcotte*



Thank you so much for your awesome product. I just went through a breakup yesterday (he was unfaithful while I was away)and I listened to your CD on Relationships this morning. It has totally helped me today. I was a mess last night. Thank you so much. I know last night was rough and I decided to just listen to you CD and it works. Of course I still have a while to go, but I am going to listen to it again and again until I am totally healed. It is amazing what the mind and meditation can do.... You keep doing what you are doing. I will definitely continue to be a satisfied customer of yours. Thanks again.

Cheers, Jill W*



I listened for the first time to the "Sales" CD last night.

It was awesome! As I mentioned, I have a lot of meditation/yoga affirmation kind of media but nothing at all like this. I enjoyed it and it put me into a positive state of mind to get ready for the challenges at work for a new year! I'll certainly listen to this one over and over again...

I can't stress how much I enjoy your work - there is nothing at all available to the mass market like your series due to your unique sound/speech/guided meditative style.

I really am a fan of your style. I really love the layers of sound and background effects which is very comforting in tandem with your words.

You are a most talented and thoughtful individual and I thoroughly enjoy the many Imadulation CDs that I own. They are really my very favorite series among my entire meditation library.*


I just want to say THANK YOU.

With your help I have been able to take myself off of my anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications. I have been listening to Mind Mint CD and am now able to manage my problems on my own for going on seven months now.

I think most of my difficulties were due to the medication I was on - it seemed to numb me to life in general. I even had a suicide attempt during this time. I now know I am in control of my life and I can do it without medication.

I am in control thanks to you.

Tifini L. Seattle, Washinton*



Afghanistan needs a big hug from Ellen! I still listen to your cd every night and have been able to sleep without any issues and without the need for ambien (thank god). i seriously don’t know how i would get any rest here without your cds and my bose headphones. sleeping through helo landings and mortar fire certainly would make for a great advertising campaign.

A soldier*



It was certainly a pleasure speaking with you! Thank you for creating such a wonderful series of products. They are both helpful and innovative. As a high strung individual who has a difficult time with anxiety issues, I have now purchased four of your c.d's.

In addition to practicing yoga and meditating, I make time to pop your c.d.'s in before work or bedtime to help get myself into the right frame of mind.

Thanks again,

Stephanie F.*



I’ve struggled with chronic pain of fibromyalgia for over 10 years and have tried many different therapies and practices. But your pain management CD has actually made a difference and has helped me in so many ways, not just with pain relief. I feel more optimistic now than before. I sleep soundly at night now, which is huge, since I used to toss and turn and get by with 4-5 hours of sleep. I feel calmer and more relaxed, and people respond differently to me now. Earlier this week I went into a sandwich shop that I’ve frequented for over a year. The young man behind the counter has never been more than polite to me before even though I’m a regular. This time he was friendly and asked about my plans for the holiday, and joked about his own plans; I believe the difference was the expression on my face. I’m not suffering with pain and it shows. I’ve also begun an exercise program that I’m certain is a direct result of the positive messages in your CD. My life is improving on all fronts. Thank you and God bless you.

Kathy Williams, Dallas, TX*



I started smoking when I was 14. I'm 28 now...half my life I was a smoker. I have tried every single method to quit and nothing worked. Serious depression and anxiety ruined ever attempt I made at quitting. Buying this audio set was not easy. I was honestly scared. Of what I don't know exactly...scared that it wouldn't work, scared that it would. Either way I finally made the purchase a few months ago and I am finally free. This isn't magic people...this is basically a therapist on tape and for some of us smokers the physiological issues we have that are associated with smoking are pretty darn serious and heavy. I'm still kind of shocked...after so many attempts and failures through the years I'm finally free. No gum, no patch, no drug...just someone to help talk you through the incredibly hard process of saying goodbye to the destructive habit that you have enjoyed so much. As an aside...I really love these CD's. So empowering and relaxing. I'm pretty sure that I'll listen to them the rest of my life.

Anna Lowell*



It’s hard to put into words the gratitude I feel having the opportunity to work with Ellen and the transformation I have experienced. I came to Ellen because I was struggling with the pain of a divorce and trying to rebuild my life and I consider it one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I felt totally comfortable working with her immediately. She suggested some wonderful books and provided her great Guided Meditation CDs. They are the best! She has the most soothing voice and over time, the negative beliefs I held, although not totally erased, have seemed to just wash away in importance like sand castles.

Ellen has a gracious, nurturing, compassionate, respectful manner about her that is almost angelic.. She is a great person to talk to. Her insight and understanding of people is truly graceful and healing! And yet she embraces tremendous new technology that works like magic. And she is obviously well educated in a huge variety of modern therapies and combines these skills with meditation and a deep understanding of eastern and newer world philosophies. I call her my peak performance coach. She’s my dating coach.

Formerly a person with tons of self- doubt, she has helped me to not only accept myself, but to love the person I am. She has helped me to focus on what I truly want in life, to believe I can achieve it, and to go for it with calmness, clarity, and courage. She is a great person to bounce ideas off on almost any subject. I could go on and on about Ellen and it would be true. If a person will just trust her, not expect immediate miracles, and wants to change, they will experience positive change working with Ellen. She is truly a magnificent healer to anyone who is hurting.




Hello this is Norma Kraft.

I listened to your CD stroke recovery for the 1St time last night.

I feel so different today I am not stressed rather I feel really relaxed. I am truly looking forward to listening again tonight. Thank you for an excellent product for those who have had a stroke.*


My positive results were immediate!! I was eating junk food every day for the past two years and nothing has helped me until i started listening to your CD! I have had no desire to eat junk food!

I have long been a proponent of guided imagery for self-help. I have never heard anything that has the professional quality and excellence as your CD. I have listened to many other guided imagery tapes like those from Emmit Miller and Kelly Howell, and there is no comparison to what you have created. It is not only professional, and of superior quality, but your qualifications and credentials give one a feeling of total confidence.

Ilene S., Newport Beach, Calif.*


My life has changed since i lost 50 pounds from Ellen Simon’s hypnotic method of weight loss. I have more self confidence and feel comfortable with myself.

Robert Harris*


It’s been three years since began to listen to Imadulation’s “Food for Thought” I started at 320 pounds and now I weigh 185. That’s a loss of over 125 pounds and I have been able to maintain it by making healthy choices. The changes were steady and gradual I hardly realized that I was simply making healthier choices. I have more confidence in myself and that has changed my self image. I feel great.
Thanks, Ellen!!”

Robert Harris*


I have been listening to the “Food for Thought” program and it has helped me in many ways. I am making better food choices and there is no struggle at all!

It seems really natural for me to choose salads and healthier foods. Even when I am out with my friends I suggest restaurants where there are healthier choices. I just pass up the fast food, easily!

I also have less negative self-talk and this makes me feel better in general.

I notice that the more I listen the better my results! I am really pleased.

Leslie Chamorro*


As a result of listening to your Food for Thought weight loss program tapes, I am much more aware of what I am eating and why I eat when I am not hungry. I also find that I am now rarely eating when I feel stressed or giving into cravings for bread and sweets.

Even though I have only listened to the CD’s and have made no real attempt to diet, I was happy to see that I still lost a little weight. As a bonus, before listening to the CD’s I had trouble falling asleep at night. Now, I put on the earphones and your relaxing voice and enjoyable sounds of music and nature on the tape takes me away from all my thoughts, to a calm and serene place.

Anyone who has a weight loss problem could not help but benefit by your Food for Thought program.

Harriet Meyerson, Founder of The Confidence Center. www.ConfidenceCenter.com*


I have found with Imadulation’s “Food for Thought” that I am able to stay focused on my goals. I am always trying to make the correct choices so that I can feel happy within, but it has been a difficult course for me, especially due to my health problems.

Using the CD’s, I feel completely motivated! I find it is much easier to “stay the course”. The positive loving thoughts make me feel good about each day. Also, I feel more motivated than I have in years. Even though my schedule is challenging, I stayed with this program and I am so happy I did. I feel great! I recommend this program for others who struggle with weight loss issues.

Terry Shewitz , Director Human Resources, Rowtex*


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