Guided Imagery To Relieve Combat PTSD

Posted by Ellen Simon on 28th Jun 2016

(By Julie Erickson, NAMI Education Program Coordinator)According to a recent study, the alternative medical techniques of healing touch and guided imagery can be effective in relieving symptoms of pos … read more

NAMI Depression & Veterans Fact Sheet

Posted by Ellen Simon on 19th May 2016

Depression is one of the most common and expensive mental disorders costing the US an est $66B/year.Veterans diagnosed with depression account for more than 14% of the total. From 2000- 2007 medical r … read more

Sleep Is Critical To PTSD Treatment

Posted by Ellen Simon on 20th Apr 2016

New Research Shows Sleep Critical to Effective PTSD Treatment(By Janice Wood. Reviewed by John M. Grohol, Psy.D)Sleep quality is critical to the effectiveness of post-traumatic stress disorder (P … read more