Weight Loss Secret

Posted by Ellen Chernoff Simon, MS, MEd, LPC on 4th Nov 2019


The #1 Secret All Women Need to Know About Weight Loss

By Ellen Simon, M.S., M. Ed., LPC

Who does not wish for a magic solution or a silver bullet to attain our ideal weight? It is no secret that weight loss is a multi-billion dollar business, and overweight is a source of many disease processes that cost our nation both economically and in quality of life. In an effort to answer our pleas for help, there are new products on the market every time you turn around.

We try the latest supplement, food substitute, and it may work for a while, but then the weight comes back or the habits we started long ago are still happening as though we are on autopilot. And once again we start the cycle of losing and gaining.

Have you noticed something similar about all the latest trends for losing weight? What they have in common is that they exist outside of you.

The secret to having the body you want is rather inside of you just waiting patiently for your activation. But first and most importantly, you must be certain about what you really want. Once you are clear about what you want, then you need to ask for what you want.

Inside of you an inner genie exists whose sole purpose is to serve your needs. She is waiting to hear your requests and wants to grant your wishes! You may wonder why don't we know this secret? And how do we activate this genie?

Our culture emphasizes seeking a solution outside of ourselves, when the truth is, what you need is already inside you! It requires the commitment from you to take the time to get quiet and listen to the guidance from your inner genie. As long as you are certain about what you want and then listen within, you will get what you want. It is really easy to do, you must only take the time to stop, relax and activate your creative imagination by visualizing what you DO WANT!!!!

This is called Imadulation, or using your imagination intentionally, on purpose to create the life you desire. If this is the first time you have heard this term, you are not alone. We are bombarded by the media/advertising of what you need to consume - all of it outside or yourself like the latest diet, pill, surgery, etc. If you really want to eat unhealthy foods, sweets and fatty unhealthy food in greater portions that you need physiologically, then that desire will cancel out your contradictory wish to be healthy and trim. It is up to you to decide what is more important, and you will get the thing you want more.

In order to create lasting change to get what we really want and finally stop standing in our own way, we need to daily take the time that is necessary. Ten minutes is enough to be off to a great start for a new healthy life!

Visualize and imagine what you do want. See it, sense it, feel what it is like to have the healthy vibrant body you desire.

Once we do know this, in order to stay on track, it is important to maintain awareness of where your thoughts are, and what movie your imagination is playing. Choose to play the scene that depicts what you do want, not what you fear.

Habits are hard to break. We mostly are looking for a way to keep doing what we have always done and get a different result, but that is the definition of insanity. To truly get different results, you MUST change the way you see yourself on the inside AND then back it up with action. If you just promise to do this one thing every day.....imadulate, rub your inner genie and listen to your inner guidance and you will see positive results!

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