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Sleep Well Oil

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100% natural essential oil blend to support deep rest and relaxation. Apply directly to pulse points, apply a few drops to the middle of the foreheadadd, add a few drops to your bath, and breathe in hte calming sedating molecules.

Ingredients: Angelica, Bergamot and Lavender.


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  1. Your CD's are great! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Sep 2015

    Your CD's are the Best I have ever heard and my Clients get great results much so they share them with their children! the Self Love CD is one I suggest for the parents of children who being bullied at school. AND...several clients have had sleep problems. Specifically one 16 year old and after one LED light session while listening to the sleep CD while under the lights he slept a 25 solid minutes, he came back for his 2nd LED session two days later and told me he slept soundly the last two nights and has been sleeping soundly ever since. I guess when you're young you can really make fast changes. Also, I have a client who has not been able to sleep since age 3!!!!! She's now 30 even with medical sleep!! . Literally she'll go for weeks and not sleep!! She's sleeping and Healing now ...we all know you can't heal or grow if you don't sleep...Your CD's are truly life changing, I can only imagine what a session is like with you. You are so gifted, so blessed and so genuine GOD has truly blessed you with HEALING talents: Metal, physical and emotional. I Thank God for knowing you, you have blessed me as you bless others. Thank you Ellen you truly have the gift of change!

  2. Hey Ellen, 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Sep 2015

    I have been able to sleep better. Thank you for your help The system I can't do everyday but it has helped. Keep up the good work

    .Mitch Serlin
    Hope for Heroes
    "Empowering independence"

  3. Give these products a try 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Sep 2015

    If you value quality, drug/supplement free sleep, I highly recommend Ellen’s products. I specifically endorse the “Sleep Well Guided Meditation CD” and “OneHeart Aromatherapy Sleep Well Essential Oil Blend”.

    My commitment to these products is based on 10-months of battle-testing during my last deployment to Afghanistan. If you’ve been deployed before, then you know quality sleep doesn’t really exist. You are supporting the mission non-stop 24/7 and even when you aren’t directly supporting it you are obsessively thinking about it.

    The din of war is non-stop—it’s a continuous relay of deafening, abnormal sounds that include helicopters, jets, humvees, range exercises, indirect fire attacks, counter-battery fire, explosions, controlled detonations, swing-shifts and other people who are jealous because you get a nap and they don’t.

    Add an unhealthy consumption of tobacco, coffee and energy drinks and your nervous system is shredded in a very short time. But the mission goes on and so must you shipmate / battle-buddy / wingman.

    Ellen’s products allowed me to sleep through most of my deployment without incident.

    “Sleep-time SOP”
    · Apply OneHeart Aromatherapy Sleep Well Essential Oil Blend to forehead
    · Insert ear-plugs
    · Put Bose noise cancelling headphones on
    · Put on a sleeping mask and beanie (to hold everything in place)
    · Play (on repeat) the Sleep Well Guided Meditation CD
    · Drift away

    In my experience, these products grew in intensity the more I used them – they are like muscle memory for your brain. As soon as I heard Ellen’s sweet and tranquil voice, I knew everything was ok and that I could temporarily go someplace nice. This even worked for “power-naps” as I was able to reach REM states much faster and much easier. I woke up rested, positive and confident to tackle whatever crisis was erupting.

    Ambien is not the best option because it impairs your performance and response time, making you a risk to yourself and your unit Melatonin never works consistently and even when it does, it has residual effects. Drinking Benadryl or NightQuil is just a bad idea. Give these products a try

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