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About Our Audio Technology & Why It Works

Imadulation's Guided Imagery Meditation CD's are the only ones available with music that contains Binaural Audio technology for entrainment.

Imadulation has integrated principles derived from neurofeedback, namely brainwave entrainment, and brainwave resonance training into the content of the CD's. In neurofeedback, flexibility and resilience of brainwave patterns are trained. When stuck, they make it difficult to overcome behaviors and habits, yet when gently "pushed" through the introduction of sound frequencies, can move out of rigid patterns to facilitate change.

Frank H. Duffy, M.D., Professor and Pediatric Neurologist at Harvard Medical School, stated in an editorial in the January 2000 issue of the journal Clinical Electroencephalography that the scholarly literature suggests that neurofeedback should play a major therapeutic role in many difficult areas. "In my opinion, if any medication had demonstrated such a wide spectrum of efficacy it would be universally accepted and widely used" (p. v). "It is a field to be taken seriously by all." (p. vii).

Guided Imagery

Imagine it and you can achieve it. Athletes do it automatically. A batter at the plate, a golfer lining up a birdie putt, a runner at the starting line, all prepare themselves to succeed by visualizing the outcome they want. The reason they do this: what we imagine with our senses, the brain responds to as if it were actually happening.

Guided imagery helps you switch on your imagination with a scripted series of mental images which prepare your mind to solve problems, discover insights, change behavior and achieve the outcomes you want.

Lasting Benefits

Many people with health issues, ranging from chronic pain to cancer to cardiovascular disease, have been successful using guided imagery to relieve symptoms, deepen understanding of their causes, activate the body’s own healing processes, and increase motivation to make healthy lifestyle choices. Food for Thought® helps you gain control over cravings and make wiser food choices while increasing your will to exercise; it will also help you gain powerful insights required to identify and address the root causes of overweight, and begin building “inner fitness™.”

Proven Approach

Since the 1960s, research into mind-body connections has appeared in mainstream medical literature, including publications such as American Heart Journal, Journal of Clinical Psychology, International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, American Journal of Health Promotion, Journal of the American Medical Association and others. Guided imagery programs designed by Ellen Chernoff Simon, creator of Food for Thought®, are currently in use nationwide by insurance and healthcare providers, in both inpatient and outpatient settings, to help patients manage pain, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, heal after surgery, quit smoking and lose weight.

Binaural Audio technology

Your brain learns best when you are relaxed, wide awake and alert, yet in what scientists call an “Alpha State.” When tones at slightly different frequencies are played separately, one into each ear, the difference is perceived as low frequency pulses…or “beats.” When the beat frequency corresponds to the “Alpha” range, this causes the brain to resonate to it; the brainwaves follow toward that “Alpha” frequency and the brain naturally relaxes into an “Alpha” state.

Relaxed Learning

When you listen to Imadulation® guided imagery CD's through stereo headphones the soothing music and nature sounds, in combination with the binaural effect, induce sympathetic frequencies of desired brainwave activity. This helps you quickly reach a peaceful and receptive state in which your subconscious mind is most open to new ideas, new insights and positive change.

Sound Science

The binaural beat effect was first reported as long ago as the nineteenth century and has been of interest to neurophysiologists investigating the sense of hearing. The “frequency-following response” was first identified in EEG research (Smith, Marsh & Brown, 1975) and is today the subject of widespread study at major universities (including Rutgers University, University of Pennsylvania and the University of Sussex) as well as institutions exploring the frontiers of mind-body medicine.

More About Guided Imagery

Guided Imagery is a process of activating the imagination and the senses through words and/or healing music therapy, provided by an “imagery guide”, whether that “guide” is an individual or an audio recording.

Guided Imagery helps you create the sense of pictures or feelings or sounds within our mind that can powerfully impact our experience of life. How do you feel when you imagine getting caught in rush hour traffic? And how do you feel when you imagine a beautiful peaceful scene? If you imagine eating a lemon, what do you notice is happening in your mouth?

Guided Imagery is similar to meditation in that it can produce states of deep relaxation and peaceful comfort. There are many studies that confirm the positive effects of guided imagery, from decreasing the experience of pain to improving surgical recovery time.

Top athletes have used guided meditation / guided imagery to train and to prepare to win. Performers such as actors and musicians have used imagery to enhance their successful performance.

It is well known and documented that regular use of guided imagery can have positive health benefits, and help with breaking bad habits.

Physically, guided imagery can directly influence the autonomic nervous system, having an effect on the stress response. Purposeful use of imagery can be utilized to create helpful and healing physiological as well as emotional and behavioral changes in an individual.

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Guided Imagery Meditation Audio CD's by Medical Hypnosis Specialist Ellen Chernoff Simon

Our guided imagery meditation audio CD's were created by a medical hypnosis specialist, and help you break habits when other programs fail. Sample BEST audio CD's combining guided imagery, meditation, and medical hypnosis with music containing binaural beat and entrainment technology. Listen to lose weight, quit smoking, manage stress, pain, anxiety, depression, for relaxation, to sleep better, prepare for and heal after surgery, and so much more.

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